Intimacy with Jesus

Intimacy with Jesus is not found in lofty church steeples, thunderous sermons, or the fervor of religious traditions. True intimacy with the Savior is cultivated in the quiet corners of our hearts, in the stillness of surrender, and in the personal revelations of His word. So how can we grow closer to Jesus? How can […]

How to completely give your heart to Jesus

The beauty of being in a relationship with Jesus Christ lies not only in the peace, love, and joy that He brings into our lives, but also in the deep and life-transforming journey that accompanies this connection. But how do we give our heart more completely to Him? Let’s dive into scripture for profound insight […]

How to give it to God in hard circumstances

Life can be hard. Long trials can leave a person feeling desolate, hopeless, and often questioning, ‘where is God in all this’. One could get lost in that abyss of despair but the Bible offers a refreshing perspective and groundbreaking hope, proclaiming that God is near to the broken-hearted, famishes the strength of those who […]

How to draw near to God during long trials

Life isn’t always a smooth journey. Sometimes, it feels like a never-ending cycle of trials, heartaches, struggles, and anguish. For those who have endured abuse and a lifetime of unending trials, even the very cornerstone of their faith can feel like it’s shifting. Questions like “How can I draw near to God when I am […]

Bible study plan to seek God

Week 1: Introduction & Foundation Day 1: Read Genesis 1-2, Understand the creation of the world Day 2: Read Genesis 3-4, Learn how sin entered the world Day 3: Read Exodus 20, Understand God’s laws Day 4: Read Job 1-2, Recognize faith in tribulations Day 5: Read Psalms 23, Learn about God’s protection Day 6: […]


In scriptures, there is no shortage of lessons on patience and its profound importance in our spiritual journey. Patience isn’t mere waiting. It is a virtuous trait that stretches beyond tolerating delay and moonlights as constant steadfastness, endurance, and faith, regardless of circumstances. It’s intimately tied to the core of faith. Today, let’s delve into […]

Getting closer to God

When we think about how to get closer to God, often our minds immediately turn to things like reading our Bible more, going to church, or praying more. And while all of those things are important, they’re not the only things that matter when it comes to our relationship with God. In fact, sometimes we […]


A lot of people today think that dinosaurs and the Bible don’t mix. They believe that the Bible is a book of stories that were made up a long time ago, and that dinosaurs are a science that disproves the Bible. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, there are many references […]

The Gospel

The gospel is the good news that God has provided a way for us to be forgiven and to have a relationship with Him. It is based on the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here is the gospel message in a nutshell, based on scripture: God created us and loves us ( Genesis […]


As Christians, we are called to worship God in all circumstances, whether they are good or bad. This can be a difficult thing to do, but it is so important. In this blog post, we will be looking at four Bible verses about worship. We will see what they say, what they mean, and how […]