The Gospel

The gospel is the good news that God has provided a way for us to be forgiven and to have a relationship with Him. It is based on the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here is the gospel message in a nutshell, based on scripture:
  1. God created us and loves us ( Genesis 1:26-27)

    • God created us in His image and He loves us.
  2. Our sin separates us from God ( Isaiah 59:2)

    • Our sin has separated us from God and we cannot have a relationship with Him on our own.
  3. Jesus died for our sins ( Romans 5:8)

    • Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. His death restores our relationship with God.
  4. We can have eternal life through Jesus Christ ( John 3:16)

    • By accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior, we can have eternal life with God.
This is the gospel message in a nutshell. Practical Application: If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, today is the day to do it. We would love to help you take that step. If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, thank God for His gift of eternal life. Then ask Him how He wants you to share the gospel with others. Here are some resources that might help you as you think about how to share your faith: – The Great Commission – Defending the Faith – Sharing the Gospel